At the previous part we created a simple sine wave and played it.

This time we will use the browser and React to create a simple virtual keyboard to play our sine wave. You can find the full source code here

The basics of playing different notes with a semitone difference from 440 hertz which is the pitch standard is just multiplying 440 by 2^(n/12)
when n is how many semitones is it above or below A.


I won't go into much detail about how the React app works, but our basic will be a keyboard component which you can…

We will learn how to use Numerical Methods to effectively simulate a guitar distortion circuit.
If you are unfamiliar with the basics of distortion head to the basics post to read about it a bit.

Traditional guitar effects are an analog circuit, while the distortion is no exception.
The simplest distortion clips, and “smoothes” the edges of it using two inverse parallel diodes.
Something called Kirchhoff’s Law get be used to derive an ODE (Ordinary Differential Equation) from this circuit.

From Numerical Methods for Simulation of Guitar Distortion (David T. Yeh, Jonathan S. Abel, Andrei Vladimirescu and Julius O. Smith.)

Considering an ODE of a simple diode clipping circuit used widely in analog distortion effects.

Numerical integration helps us to…

Happy to say that we have the keys to our first apartment,
A nice 55 square meters in Taka-Töölö with a view to the Sibelius park.

It was a journey of understanding where we would like to live, we went through different neighborhoods. …

We got ourselves a nice keyboard to play generated sounds in the previous chapter.
Now I think it is time to add a module infrastructure, where we can add different modules that can spice up our sound.
There are different types of it in the audio world: delays, distortions, low/high pass filters and we will implement the delay on this fabulous occasion.


Is basically just saving the previous state of the system (at a feedback array)
And adding it again to the current state depending on some formula.
In our delay we will have those parameters:
Time: What is the size of step…

It’s definitely not as dark and not as cold as everyone were telling me about.

I feel like before every step in my life there was someone saying “Wait until you will make that step, it wont be so easy as you think”

If it was when I went from school to the military — ”You wont be able to fool around like in school”
Or when I went from the military to my first job at a small start up company — ”The military is not the real development world”
Or when I went from the start up to a bigger…

I didn’t think about relocating seriously until the 2nd quarantine imposed by the Israeli government and an email I got from a Klarna recruiter.

at the 26th of September I got the email, on the 27th I already had a talk with Tim who was a very nice gut recruiting for Klarna Stockholm.
Very quickly afterwards I got the first coding assignment — something simple in a Codility like website which I got great input for. …

25 hertz sine wave

Consider a simple 25 hertz sine wave.

By asymmetrically hard clipping it at the 0.6 level we get a crude distortion

As a web developer who is also interested in art of music, i was drawn to the technical side of music, if its changing a pick up to my guitar, create a hardware square wave oscillator module and try to create a distortion pedal.

A project creates sound and music out of no where in the browser looked like a great next step for me.

Hence the Modular web synth.

I have been working on it here and there for the past few months, my ultimate goal is to create a web platform where anyone can add any module he…

Checkout part 2 where we create a virtual keyboard to play our sine wave.
And checkout the full project I am working on: jsynth.

As a web developer and someone who is interested in the technical aspect of music creation, I decided to try and create a modular web synth from scratch.

I never actually had an experience with a modular synth, but I understand this- every synth starts with a signal source, or an Oscillator So my first step to create this modular web synth is to create an oscillator module.

The Oscillator module:

First I started to fiddle…

Alex Jilkin

I love music, climbing and I am a full stack web developer.

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